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Since creating our brand in 2019, ArSha’ Natural Body Essentials has been committed to providing a bath and body care brand that is free from synthetic colorants, fragrances and additives. To ensure the consistency and integrity of our products, each item is prepared in small batches using only high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. Our dedication to the environment leads us to not only use sustainably sourced ingredients, but also minimize the use of non-recyclables during production and packaging of our products. We encourage you to recycle, reuse or repurpose our containers whenever possible. Thank you for visiting our online store.

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About Us

Who is ArSha’?

ArSha’ Natural Body Essentials specializes in natural, handmade bath and body care products. Our products are gender neutral and gentle enough for most skin types, however, they are especially helpful to those who are prone to allergies, have sensitive skin conditions, and those who are looking to minimize their exposure to chemicals and toxins. 

Started with the butter now I’m here! 

My love for natural body care started during my late teens after stumbling into our community food co-op. For me this store was a medicinal playground with endless applications and possibilities. Whenever possible I spent extended periods researching natural remedies to common problems and never left the store without purchasing a new cream, oil, soap or tincture. For over a decade, I was satisfied with my purchases. In fact, the idea of formulating my own products never entered my mind; that is until my toddler began showing early signs of eczema. I tried several of my favorite natural ointments but nothing seemed to helped, so off to the pediatrician we went. She confirmed that the irritation and dryness was indeed eczema and recommended over-the-counter ointments and creams. I preferred to take a more holistic approach and given my family history of severe eczema, I believed that her mild to moderate condition was manageable with the right combination of butters, oils and herbs. So, I dusted off my natural medicine books and took to the lab (a.k.a. my kitchen). 

After a few rounds of trial and error, I formulated an all-natural body butter that was highly moisturizing but did not leave the skin feeling greasy or require repeated application. Delighted by my daughter’s improved condition I shared the butter with family and friends who claimed that it helped with everything from eczema to chemotherapy burns! Before long friends of friends were coming by to purchase our butter. And viola! I had stumbled into my passion, handcrafting natural body care products!

What’s next for ArSha’ Naturals?

​After years of selling my bath and body care products by word of mouth I decided it was time to share my gifts with the world. So in 2019, I launched ArSha’ Natural Body Essentials. Despite our growth, we have stayed true to our roots by remaining family owned and operated by myself, Quintessia ArSha’, and my two teen daughters. Together we continue to handcraft the quality, natural, bath and body care products that our customers have grown to love. We have a host of awesome new products coming soon so be sure to frequent our website and social media pages for more details. As always, thank you for being the best part of ArSha’ Natural Body Essentials!